Sobot Ticketing System Empowers
Teams with Streamlined Workflows

For Customers
we offer you the best service experience:
· Ticket initiation across all channels · Real-time notification, in-sync feedback · Email communication in problem solving
For Front-line Agents
we allow you to react immediately:
· Create ticket, coordinate processing · Flexible flow with each part having operators in charge · Easily-checked history, timely notification on ticket progress
For Business Units
we help you obtain timely feedback
and assist in problem solving:
· Accurately obtain user feedback and participate in ticket collaboration · Communicate with users in time to ensure problem resolution
For Agent Management Team
we improve your management efficiency:
· Multiple custom fields to meet the personalized process · Customized SLA agreements to provide hierarchical services · Comprehensive statistical reports to build standardized customer service problem handling process

Advantages of Sobot Ticketing System


Processed on Cellphone

Sobot APP can receive, view, assign and process Tickets, which allows you to quickly solve customer problems anytime at anywhere.


Seamless connection to Sobot CRM

Real-time connection with Cloud Customer Center, access to customer's browsing track, chat messages, call records and Ticket history at a glance.


Coordinate with Other Sobot Products

Cooperate with Sobot call center / chatbot / live chat ...pre-sales and after-sales problems can be solved at once to ensure the retention of every customer.