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Facebook Messenger

Accurate Customer Profiling Personalized Service

Browsing Tracks

Customer Profiles


Public Opinion Analysis

Chat History

Proactive Engagement
Focus on Online Conversion

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types of reception

4 Types of Reception

Chatbot first

Live chat first

Chatbot only

Live chat only

rich media

Rich Media




Product cards

File transfer

chatbot assitance

Chatbot Assists Agent

Chatbot prompt reception

Chatbot assistance

Quick search on internal knowledge base

Intelligent monitoring

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Powerful Statistical Reports for Business Support

Quantifying Management Supported by Sufficient Service Data

Indicators such as workload/service quality/
satisfaction of agents are provided for management.

Comprehensive Customer Insights Make Service the Most Suitable

Complete statistics of customer source/keyword/landing
page/browsing track for tracking the marketing effect.

Record customer chat history/message, etc., for perfectly
understanding every communication.

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Use Cases


More suitable for the mobile era, adaptable for complex network environment

Dynamic DNS
continuous reconnect

"Two-site with three-datacenter"
disaster preparedness solution

Comprehensive SLA coverage
system and payout plan

Big data cluster

Long connection

More Functions


Sobot supports desktop website, mobile website, APP, WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS and other channels.

Multi-type of

Enterprises can decide whether to use Live Chat or Chatbot according to their business scenarios.

Skill Group Setting

Enterprises can set different skill groups according to their business needs and allocate agents under the relevant groups for targeted solutions.

Rich Media

In addition to plain text, agents can also answer questions through a variety of ways such as emojis, images, rich text, hyperlinks, etc.

Auto Response

Enterprises can set some preferences for auto-response for some specific scenarios, such as agent offline, timeout and no response.

Auto Pop-up

While customers are browsing the website, the system can automatically pop-up windows to invite them to join the consultation.

Live Chat Invitation

Agents can choose to initiate invitations to users who are in the queue or browsing the website, further promoting the conversion of orders.

Chat History in Sync

After a new chat is established, the chat history can also be seen, helping the agent to better locate the problem and reduce information disconnection.

Customer Profiling

Agent can access the basic information of users, including nicknames, contact information, order records, etc. Private CRM can also connect to the Sobot CRM if enterprise needs.

Source of Customer

Visitors' information can be collected based on multiple dimensions such as customer source channels, search terms, etc. to better help enterprise analyze lead placement.

Browsing Tracks

Agent in the reception can view the user's visit track in each page, to better understand the real needs of users, reduce costs while promoting the conversion of orders to improve.

Visiting Analysis

Administrators can query the user visit data of each channel by both chat and visitor dimensions, and can select different parameters to customize query reports and export reports.

Intelligent Inspection

Enterprises can check the daily work of agents, and configure quality control scoring criteria and inspection labels.

Agent Workload

Enterprise administrators can not only visually view and statistically analyze the overall workload of agent, but can also target the reception of specific agent.

Chat History

Administrators can customize the reception of Live Chat or Chatbot by different conditions . Accordingly, enterprises can better monitor service quality.


Customers can not only score the work of agent at the end of the chat, but can also select the appropriate rating tags when doing so.